About ShortStack

ShortStack is a self-service web app design tool, think of us as a CMS for web apps. ShortStack users can create interactive content, promotions and contests, collect data, and promote their products or services on websites and social networks.

ShortStack and Journalism

As an international company that relies on the world wide web to reach our target audience, journalists and news organizations play a large role in that. Quality journalism is essential when you are pitching a product to a journalist and they may never have the opportunity to meet with you in person. The importance of thorough research, the proper questions and finding the true purpose of a product is crucial.

Also in today’s world it is often said that everyone is a journalist in their own way. You can Google something and receive a million different opinions on it. However, there is a still a need for genuine, solid journalism and The Future Journalism Project is assisting in that.

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