About Outbrain

Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform, helping publishers, brands and agencies reach a highly engaged audience through distribution on leading media sites.

Outbrain works with publishers like CNN, Fox News, Hearst, Rolling Stone and MSNBC as well as brands and agencies including American Express, P&G, General Electric, Media Contacts and Starcom to increase site traffic and generate new revenue through customized links to recommended content.

Outbrain and Journalism

At Outbrain, we are lovers of good content and quality journalism. Our company lighthouse is to help readers (or video-watchers) find new content that they would be interested in. We are committed to this mission and support the FJP’s passion for the future of journalism and how companies like ours can help innovate and sustain the business behind it.

In addition to helping readers, we are thrilled to provide our awesome publisher partners with a way to help their audiences go deeper and discover more of the publisher’s content and a new digital revenue stream that isn’t disruptive to their audience’s consumption of content but instead enhances it.

Why Outbrain

All too often, we read wonderful articles on incredibly good sites and then scratch our head at the noise surrounding the content. Moving display ads, videos playing uninitiated, text links for teeth whiteners or Acai berry diets. Why are they there? As marketers, we understand the tightrope that most web publishers have to walk between editorial integrity and revenue – and we want to put an end to it.

If you publish great content, people are coming to your site to read. Not to be interrupted by offers or to buy a product— they want to consume content. Outbrain allows you to make money by doing right by your readers, helping them discover great content that they are actually likely to enjoy.

We do this in two ways. First, we help people find more of your own content that they may not have discovered independently. This results in higher pageviews per session and more traffic for you, to monetize through your existing channels. Second, we allow you to turn on sponsored recommendations: when you do this, Outbrain finds great content for your readers from external sites and displays links to them in relevant areas. When users click, you get paid – and you’ve given your readers something of real value to them, unlike another “work from home” offer.

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