Disqus builds and connects communities through the largest networked comment system, and one of the largest overall networks on the web. Millions of publishers rely on Disqus to power their discussions and tap into the more than 70 million commenters and 700 million readers each month.

Disqus works on any publishing platform and provides news sites with a comprehensive conversation engine, including: access to the Disqus commenter & community network, social integration, global reputation profiles, community leaderboards, spam & moderation tools, email notifications & mention alerts, mobile integration, community analytics & data, realtime updating, user ranks, admin logs, priority support, single sign-on/OAuth integration, import/export, full SEO data synch, custom theming, API access and more.

Disqus and Journalism

At Disqus, we are big believers in high quality, innovative journalism — in fact a number of us come from an online news background. We also believe that strong engagement and making news more conversational is critical to the long-term success of the industry, so we are doing our part to support endeavors in this area. In addition to being a part of leading industry organizations like the Online News Association and the Online Publishers Association, we are proud to be a supporter and technology partner for the Future Journalism Project.

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