On March 15, We Held Following the News & Other Difficulties

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A little over a month into the Trump presidency, many news consumers report that they’re at a loss trying to keep up with daily events, confused by the battles between the administration and the press, and unsure of where to turn to stay informed.

Some we’ve spoken to say they’re exhausted, others that they’re overwhelmed, and still others who tell us that though they feel bad about it, they’ve stopped following political news completely.

We’re holding an event to explore these issues.

Join us. It’s $12 and your first drink is free


While we see plenty of events, articles and chatter exploring how journalists should cover the Trump administration, we see few advocating for the news consumer. We want to change that.

On March 15 in New York City we’re holding the first in a series of news salons that bring news producers and consumers together.

The goal is to provide tools, techniques and tactics for following current events, while also trying to create a more symbiotic relationship between those consuming and producing the news.

Why for News Consumers: Learn from journalists about how and why they cover events the way that they do; and incorporate new techniques and strategies for following the stories that are important to you.

Why for Journalists: Hear first hand from the people who read, watch and listen to the news you report, and learn how you might make your work more accessible.

Time & Location

Date: March 15, 2017
Time: 7 – 9pm
Location: Rumpus Room
Address: 249 Eldridge St, NYC



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