We’re into the idea of a news DJ. A hypothetical mastermind who loves the news and knows where the interests of news producers, distributors and news readers intersect. To that end, we’re researching, reading, and having events, both formal and informal, to dialogue about how important news stories past and present can be remixed to encourage deeper understanding, be well archived, and reach more people. Our findings inform both our mission and the design of our soon-to-come news cafe.


By encouraging great minds from multiple disciplines to (re)think how news can be packaged, produced and consumed from print to digital, and onward to theater and the many spaces in between.


The 24-hour news cycle isn’t always the best way to consume the news. There are things that need to be consumed faster, slower, more in-depth, over and over again, or not at all. There are things that should be enjoyed, and things that need to be studied with a bit of discipline. There are things that need to be discussed in a group rather than read about alone, and things that need to be challenged and acted upon. There are things that need to be shared widely, across socio-economic and cultural boundaries, and things that really don’t need to be shared at all.

We think these issues are worth exploring in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative environment.


You! We’re looking to engage with a mix of journalists, publishers, designers, technologists, librarians, archivists, curators, activists, academics, educators, heavy or light news consumers, visual artists and performers on these questions. If you’re interested in these questions and want to get in on the conversations, contact us.


Throughout 2018


New York City

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