Bangladesh: A Final Embrace

Photographer Taslima Akhter reflects on the what has become one of the most haunting and iconic photos of the Bangladesh factory collapse.

Legal Guide for Bloggers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal guide for bloggers topics issues ranging from legal liability issues to reporter’s privilege and issues specific to student bloggers.

The News Machine

What happens to information as it moves across news platforms, from tweet, to print, to broadcast and back again? It gets distorted, of course.

Likes Don’t Save Lives

UNICEF Sweden’s stunning new ad campaign reminds people that while social media Likes are nice, what they really need is money to fund their vaccination campaigns.

World Press Freedom Day

Reflections not just on what are traditionally thought of as press freedoms, but also on ordinary citizen’s ability to share and access information via our digital networks.

Pushy Notifications

Why the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are using more push notifications on their mobile and tablet apps than they did in the past.

News Is Bad For You

By Jihii Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 09:30 am GMT -4 in Tumblr

How can we construct healthy, anxiety-free, informative, enjoyable news diets that help us live better lives and understand the world better?

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