About the Future Journalism Project
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The FJP began as a blog to explore better ways to produce, consume and understand the news.
We’re now creating public spaces where others can do so with us.
  1. Today’s news environment includes traditional and non-traditional actors alike: journalists, news organizations, activists, technologists, citizen reporters, data analysts, designers, gadflies, social media users, your kids, your neighbors, your grandma.
  2. A lot of smart people are creating fascinating ways to produce and digest the news. Sometimes this is a digital tool. Sometimes it’s a methodology to help us stay thoughtful as we immerse ourselves in media.
  3. How can both news producers and consumers better discover and support tools of long-term value?  Is there an inherent tension between them or can their needs be mutually met? As we explore these questions and highlight solutions created by others we believe we can provide a few of our own.

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Who's Behind All This?

Where Are You Located?

We’re primarily based in New York City and Los Angeles with additional, geographically-dispersed contributors.

Are You a Nonprofit or a For-Profit?

For the time being, consider us a for-profit that’s considering nonprofit models to support some of the activities we’d like to pursue.

How Do I Get Involved?

We’re currently developing a network of designers, developers, storytellers and social thinkers and would love to hear from you.

Send a note via our contact form with your interests, or an email to hello [at] thisdomain [dot] org.

We have an event and would like you to participate. Can you?

We’d love to. Send a note via our contact form or an email to hello [at] thisdomain [dot] org.