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Understanding People: A Publication’s Content Strategy

Mark Golin, Editorial Director of Digital for Time Inc.’s Style & Entertainment and Lifestyle Groups, talks about People Magazine’s online content strategy.

Much of People’s digital success is due to a digital strategy that creates specific content for each of its platforms based on the expected user experience and engagement of readers on them.

For example, Golin explains, People Magazine promotes a lean-back experience that allows for longer, human interest stories. Meanwhile, visitors to are often at work and multitasking, so shorter, more celebrity-focused content works better.

People’s success, then, comes from optimizing a content strategy for each platform — longer, slower content in the magazine, and shorter, eye-catching headlines online. The division of content offered on each platform therefore needs to be considerate of how readers will be consuming it.

It has long been said that digital platforms work best when content is created specifically for them, rather than simply repurposed from one medium to another. In other words, content should be, feel and act “native” to the platform it’s being delivered through. The People strategy Mark discusses is based on understanding user engagement.

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