Love and Hate in the Middle East

Love, Hate & Other Difficulties in the Middle East

Middle East Hate Matrix

Middle East Love Matrix

Syria Hate Matrix

Syria Love Matrix

Middle East “It’s Complicated” Matrix

Love, Hate & Other Difficulties in the Middle East

David McCandless & UniversLab created an interactive visualization of the relationships between countries and entities in the Middle East, along with those that exert influence on them.

Images from the Top: Those that hate each other; that that love each other; those that hate Syria (left); those that love Syria (right); and, probably, the most apt visualization, those whose relationships are “complicated” (bottom). Via Information is BeautifulSelect to embiggen.

The data and sourcing McCandles & Universlab use can be viewed via this spreadsheet, and they invite feedback and updated information as relationships evolve.


From Future Journalism Project Producers and Editors.